Cash For Clunkers

@laurakayl @netherleft @DCtheCapital @JoeBiden Republicans are SOCIALISM for the rich. The #CoronavirusBailOut is SOCIALISM for the rich. #CorporateWelfare is SOCIALISM for the rich. #TaxCutsForBillionaires is SOCIALISM for the rich. As if that wasn’t enough, #CrookedtRump is BFFs w/commie dictators Putin & kim jong un. WTF

@realDonaldTrump @GoyaFoods #TrumpCriminals are PROFITING off their government posts in ANY & EVERY way they can. How much is Goya PAYING tRump & his family to endorse them??? HTF is this legal??? How many Millions did Goya Foods get from the #CoronavirusBailout #GOPSocialismForTheRICH #GOPCorporateWelfare

@BlindedByAlight @itsJeffTiedrich tRump & the GOP IS SOCIALISM FOR THE RICH. WTF is the #CoronavirusBailOut where Rich Corporations got Hundreds of Millions. That is NOT capitalism. Do Republicans just choose to ignore that or are you guys just THAT stupid. Which is it???

Washington, D.C. rakes in more than enough money to pay its bills. So do they really need a HUGE taxpayer-funded bailout?

Our latest investigation published at Forbes goes into detail: https://bit.ly/WashingtonDCInTrouble

#WashingtonDC #Bailout #CoronavirusBailout #Coronavirus #Covid_19

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